Commit 40403ace authored by Bart van der Velden's avatar Bart van der Velden

Attempt to use a macrodef in the unit test Ant script (#50)

parent d87ae37f
......@@ -19,12 +19,25 @@
<!-- Create the logs directory -->
<mkdir dir="${logdir}" />
unittest is the target to run unit tests
<target name="unittest">
<echo message="Running unit tests" />
<!-- Macro to factor out the common code for each unit test -->
<macrodef name="run_unit_test">
<attribute name="executable" />
<echo message="executable = @{executable}" />
<property name="output" value="${logdir}/@{executable}.log" />
<echo message="output = ${output}" />
<property name="arg" value="--gtest_output=xml:${logdir}/test_@{executable}.xml" />
<echo message="arg = ${arg}" />
<!-- Run the actual unit tests -->
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